Frequently Asked Questions

This document and its contents are our Terms of Service. You agree to these terms by placing an order on our site. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time, with or without notice.

Shipping Locations

We ship to all countries worldwide with the exception of countries the United States currently has embargoes or sanctions against.

Shipping Information

We ship packages nearly every business day and, when possible, on Saturdays as well. We ship the vast majority of packages through the USPS and, for international packages, through Asendia (combines local postal systems with international logistics). Details on the shipping method used for your order may be selected at checkout.
Special options, such as signature confirmation or entirely different carriers such as FedEx or DHL, may be selected at checkout. Alternate carriers and other special situations will require a quote which will be invoiced after you complete checkout.


For most US states and international countries, payment is accepted through Stripe.
Due to local tax/VAT legislation, we cannot accept Stripe payments in North Carolina, the European Union, nor the United Kingdom. For these orders, payment will be accepted through Etsy. Your information will be collected like a normal order, however, you will be directed to Etsy at the end of the checkout. From here, you should purchase the "item" you are linked to—this will charge you the same amount as your shop order, however, Etsy will calculate, accept, and remit any applicable taxes.
Since we are such a small business, we must use this abnormal method of payment for these orders. We do not have the capability to collect and remit these states' sales taxes nor European Union and the United Kingdom VAT for these orders ourselves.
Orders outside of the above areas may be paid for using PayPal or other services upon request; please contact us for more information before placing your order. We reserve the right to reject any payment form and, if necessary, pass along the requested service's payment processing.

Pin Grading

Pins are often "graded" based on their quality. Below is the grading system we use:

  • A grade pins are the most common kind of pin and typically has no flaws
  • A- grade pins have few imperfections, the majority of which cannot be seen without close inspection (such as specks or tiny burrs)
  • B grade pins have small defects visible upon first glance, such as small areas of missing/incorrect enamel, underfilling, overfilling, and scratches
  • C grade pins have large flaws not covered by the above categories
If you are unsure what a specific grade will look like, please contact us. For pins with defects (A- and below), we can, upon request, provide images of the defects for verification before shipment.


Some items may be offered as preorders. These items are not yet in stock and will be shipped when they are available. Please note that preorders may take several months to ship, depending on where they are in the manufacturing process and if any unexpected delays occur. If you order a preorder item with other items, you may choose to have your order split into two shipments (one for the preorder items and one for the other items) or to have your entire order shipped together once the preorder is ready.
If you would like updates on the status of your preorder, please see our preorders page. If you have any other questions, or would like to cancel/change your order, please contact us.

Incorrect or Damaged Items

Although we do our best to bring you high-quality items, please be aware that most of our inventory is hand-made and, as such, small imperfections are standard. However, if you have a major defect—including but not limited to smudges, large areas of missing/incorrect enameling, or broken posts—then we will replace the item. Additionally, we will replace the item if you it was missing from your order or you received something else.
If your package was damaged in the mail, please take photographs of the packaging upon receipt.
Please note: we reserve the right to, in our sole discretion, accept or reject any claims. Additionally, we may require the defective/incorrect item be returned before any replacement is made. If replacements are not available, a refund or store credit may be offered in lieu. No replacements or refunds will be issued for pins specifically bought damaged (A- grade or below).

Refunds and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are only accepted on a case-by-case basis and with cause, in our sole discretion. On the occasion that we accept a return or exchange, we may require the buyer to pay a restock fee of up to ten percent, cover additional shipping charges and, for refunds, pay any transaction fees associated with the order. Furthermore, we reserve the right not to issue a refund or replacement until the original item is returned and re-stocked.


Orders that have not shipped may be cancelled. You may contact us to request a cancellation, however, no guarantee is made. If a cancellation is granted, you will be refunded your payment, minus a ten percent stocking fee or the original order's transaction fees, whichever is higher.

Lost Packages

As soon as you receive a shipping notification for your order, it is up to your selected shipping carrier to accept, process, and deliver your order.
Packages shipped within the United States can sometimes take up to several weeks for delivery. If you have not received your order within a few weeks, contact the carrier (USPS contact form).
Although unlikely, packages shipped internationally can take up to several months to arrive, typically not moving for weeks at a time. Depending on your packages last reported location, you may be able to contact the USPS or your local post office for assistance.
If packages are lost in transit and have not moved for over one month , you may contact us and we can file the relevant search requests.
We may issue replacements of lost orders, at our sole discretion, provided you return the original order to us if it is delivered.

Tax Policy

Buyers are responsible for any additional taxes of fees that they incur as part of their order, be it due to customs, VAT, or any other reason.
If you need a formal invoice/receipt for tax purposes, rather than the summary that is automatically e-mailed to you, please contact us.

Telegram Signin

On the checkout page, buyers have the option to link their Telegram profile. This in no way gives us access to send messages as or alter your account. This information is used solely for notifying you of order updates and accessing eligible discounts tied to your Telegram user.

Contact Information

Messages may be directed to my Telegram @Fauxil_Fox (preferred) or my email, [email protected].

Privacy Policy

Please go here to view our privacy policy.

Warranties and Disclaimers

Other than as described in these terms, we do not make any promises or commitments regarding the content, functions, availability, reliability, or ability to meet your needs of our services. all of our services and the components are provided “as is” with all faults and defects therein.
We exclude, to the extent permitted by law, all warranties, including implied warranties provided by certain jurisdictions.
Any content downloaded or otherwise extracted from our services is accessed at your own risk. you are solely responsible for any damage to your property or person as a result of accessing such content.
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Business Usage

If you are using our service on behalf of a business, both that business and you accept these terms, including the clauses regarding liability and warranties.